th most primitive races, either in Africa or India. I know very well tha

t some of the native races of British East Africa have deadly poisons, a

nd do not hesitate to use them, as two white men of my acquaintance met


with horrible deaths from poison administered by some Wakamba, while I know of more than one similar instance occurring among white men on the West Coast. But with the native the ingrained superstitious fear of the medicine man is generally quite sufficient to cause death under the influence of his curse. So deeply rooted in the nat


ive mind is this belief in the power of these quacks that I 121 know of a native doctor, holding the post of Assistant Colonial Medical Officer in one of our West Coast colonies, who definitely stated that he could do nothing for a certain man who was ill, and of whom it was rumoured among the natives that he had trodden


on poison which had been scattered on the floor of his house by a native medicine man for the purpose of poisoning him. This official was a prominent member of the Church of England in the colony and the possessor of several first-class European qualifications, yet he frankly said that he could do nothing against the arts of his heathen rival! 9. The poison put on th

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eir arrows is, I believe, innocuous if merely swallowed; it needs to be inoculated in the blood to be effective. It is quite possible that a reason for my escape may be found in the superstitious fears of the witch doctors themselves. One of the greatest assets of these men was the belief, which they carefully fostered among the natives, that any one attempting to injure them would bring some terrible disaster upon himself. If they actually believed this themselves—and by constant reiteration of the fraud they

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may at last have brought themselves to believe it to be a truth—it is quite likely that they feared that any attempt to injure me, wh

om they reluctantly admitted to be more powerful than themselves, would, in the same way, recoil on their own heads. I may mention th


at the medicine men of the Fantee and Ju-Ju sy


stems, on the West Coast, frankly admit that their arts are of no use 122 against the white man, who absolutely disbelieves in them, so that possib

ly my want of faith in their mummery served to


protect me from their kindly attentions and from any serious attempts at poisoning. It should be remembered also that by “medicine?/p>

?is meant incantation—that the drug is suppose


d to act rather through the medium of the incantation than through any potency of its own. Hence the powers of a poison to do harm would depend more on

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the magic possessed by the medicine man than on the power of the drug. So

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that a poison would have no power to injure a medicine man possessed of mo

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re magic than the man administering the drug. After collecting more food,


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I went down with it again to the Government station at Naivasha, the road to which, through the bamboo forest, was extremely difficult; but when I wanted to improve the track the Kikuyu strongly objected, saying that if a road were made it would make it much easier for the Masai to raid them. As it was, in case of a raid, they could get away with their cattle through the bamboo forest. But if roads were made

through the forest they would be at the mercy of the raiders. They also feared a descent by the Kalyera, another branch of the Kikuyu tribe, along the fringe of whose country I had to pass when taking supplies down to 123 Naivasha. Where their path joined the main road into the Masai country my caravans were frequently waylaid. To put a stop to this I built a camp at the junction of the two paths, and left some armed men in charge, but they were continually being attacked, and several of them were killed. On getting the food into Naivasha I was told that there was no limit to the quantity they would take if I could only provide it. I again mad

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e a report to the Government as to the difficulty I had in obtaining the supplies; but, as usual, no notice was taken. CHAPTER VI I determine to extend my operations into more remote districts of the Kikuyu country—New friends—Native taste for tea—Plague of ants—Curious superstition with regard to milking cows—The Kalyera reject my friendly overtures—Trouble at headquarters—Tra

gic interview with a recalcitrant chief—Gain further prestige thereby—Further plans—Take my Kikuyu followers down to Mombasa—Their impressions in contact with civilization On returning to my home among the Kikuyu I found that the country was fairly quiet, so I thought I would take the opportunity to explore a little farther into the interior, and, if possible, make friends among some of the other chiefs, thus enlarging the area from which I could draw supplies of food. My idea was to build trading stations at variou


s points in the country, and, leaving a few men in charge at headquarters, to organize a fairly large expedition to explore other parts of the country and induce the natives to make friends and trade with me. The first people I wished to

come to

terms wit

h were

the K

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